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Left hand blade securing nuts & bolts

left hand threaded (tighten anti clockwise) Nuts and Bolts in various sizes from 6mm up to 12mm diameter making them suitable for securing metal and plastic blades to most straight shaft strimmers and brushcutters.

May also be suitable for other left hand thread applications

Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of these products for the application they are going to put them to and ensure there own and others safety when using any of these fixings. We are merely offering them for sale, health and safety is the end users responsibility.

NOTE - Use for anything other than securing blades to strimmers and brushcutters are carried out entirely at your own risk.

Blade Bolt M7 x 1 - stb168w £1.18

Blade Nut M8 x 1.25 l/h - plain nut - stb131yp £1.18

Blade Nut m10 x 1.00 left hand STB132Y £1.18

Blade Nut m10 x 1.25 l/h - stb133y £1.22

Blade Nut m10 x 1.25 l/h - stb133yw £1.22

Blade bolt M6 x 1 l/h - stb049h £1.22

Blade bolt M8 x 1.25 left hand stb049jj £1.20

Blade nut M12 x 1.5 l/h - flanged nyloc nut - stb140ynl £1.22

Blade nut M12 x 1.5 l/h - plain nut stb140yp £1.22

Blade nut M9 x 1.25 l/h - stb049b £1.18

M10 x 1.25 left hand blade bolt STB049L £1.22

M10 x 1.5 left hand blade Nut STB134Y £1.18