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Strimmer, Hedgecutter & Chainsaw Spares

Spare parts for strimmers, hedgecutters and chainsaws, McCulloch throttle cables, remote primer, air filter elements, anti vibe springs, strimmer head eyelets, weedeater & Allen 4 line head eyelets, nut protector cups, diaphragms, pick up pipe, fuel filters, sharpening stones, fuel caps, small bore fuel pipe, bar nuts, plug spanners.

Our range of left hand thread nuts and bolts, Chainsaw sharpening items

& Nylon cutting lines are now in their own catagories.

2.5mm Starter Cord 1m length - sc15925 £0.32

3.5mm i/d x 5mm o/d fuel pipe - fh5305021 £1.20

3.5mm i/d x 6.5mm o/d fuel pipe - fh5305022 £1.20

Air filter assembly - ka01870-2164 £7.37

Air filter foam - ka01460-1928 £1.50

Air filter foam - ka11013-2055 £2.92

Anti-vibe spring - mcculloch - bdmc322165 £2.50

Anti-vibe spring, McCulloch - bdmc5360420 £2.50

Armchair Strimmer head eyelet - st1602807 £4.99

Bar Nut M8 - un8013 £1.99

Blade bolt protector 10mm hole UN20999-1871 £4.32

Blade bolt protector 8mm hole UN20999-1870 £4.32