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Sparkplugs - NGK

NGK Sparkplugs and associated parts for lawnmowers and garden machinery, we keep sparkplugs for briggs and stratton engines, tecumseh engines, ggp engines used on mountfield machines, echo, husqvarna, stihl, partner, mcculloch, in fact almost any small engine we will have a plug to fit it, we still keep a plug to replace the old ngk A6 / Champion D16 or 8COM for old bsa and villiers engines.

If you are unsure of which plug you need just send us a message with your old plug make and number or machine make and model and engine make if different and we can cross reference to ngk for you.

BP6HS Sparkplug - plbp6hs £2.76

BPR4HS Sparkplug - plbpr4hs £3.16

NGK AB6 Sparkplug - pla6 £4.46

NGK B2LM Sparkplug - plb2lm £2.40

NGK B4LM Sparkplug - plb4lm £2.40

NGK B5ES Sparkplug - plb5es £2.35

NGK B6HS Sparkplug - plb6hs £2.55

NGK B6S Sparkplug - plb6s £2.50

NGK BCPR5ES Sparkplug - plbcpr5es £3.40

NGK BKR5E Sparkplug - plbkr5e £2.90

NGK BM4A Sparkplug - plbm4a £2.15

NGK BM6A Sparkplug - plbm6a £2.30