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Miscellaneous metal products

Various handmade metal products, such as Christmas tree stands, scrap metal band members, wine glass stands to hold one, two, three or four glasses per stand, grappling hook for fishing tackle retrieval, towel rails and owls, S hooks, horseshoe nail hooks, business card holder and a tent peg puller.

Blue ribbon, linked horseshoe Hearts, blue bow - IWHSLHBR £12.50

Business Card Rack - iwbcs £6.50

Candlestick - iwscs £9.50

Christmas tree stand £14.98

Double wine glass stand - Set of 2 - iw2wgs £12.99

Draw hoe head - iwdhh £7.85

Fence panel hooks - IWFTH £2.50

Five sparkplug pegs, long plugs - IW5SPLP £14.99

Five sparkplug pegs, short plugs - IW5SPSP £14.99

Grey Garden Row Marker Line - IWGL01GR £13.99

Hanging horseshoe on ribbon, Lucky horseshoe - iwhsor £4.99

Horseshoe Nail Business Card Rack - iwhsbch £6.50