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Handmade Wall Art / Garden Art

A range of Solid steel, handmade Wall art sculptures for fixing to a wall or sheds / stables to create a feature, talking point or just to look nice in the garden.

Solid steel handmade outdoor wall art, Our wall art is made from solid heavy steel, 

Exterior grade wall art / garden art, made chunky to last and hand painted to ensure the best coverage possible and therefore maximum corrosion protection.


Black Horse, left - iwh01lbl £23.00

Black Horse, right - iwh01rbl £23.00

Black labrador dog - iwgd01lbl £21.00

Blue Butterfly metal wall art - iwbf02b £7.50

Blue Butterfly on stalk - iwbfs01bl £8.50

Blue Flower on stalk, garden art - iwfsr01bl £9.50

Blue Horseshoe wall flower - iwhsflbl £37.99

Blue Landrover -left facing - iwlr01lbl £13.50

Blue Landrover -right facing - iwlr01rbr £13.50

Blue heavy scrolled butterfly - iwbf04bl £9.50

Blue landrover and Horsebox - iwlr02b £22.99

Brown Horse, left facing - iwh01lbr £23.00