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Fuel pipe & associated parts

Here you will find black reinforced fuel pipe for ride on mowers and lawnmowers, clear pvc pipe for use where it is not subject to any heat, our ever popular range of small bore fuel pipe in a variety of internal bore and wall thicknesses for chainsaws, strimmers and blowers, filter funnels, mixing bottle and measuring beakers.

Fuel hose & clips in a range of sizes for all small engines, lawnmowers and ride on mowers,  filter funnels in different sizes & 2 stroke mixing and measuring products.

1/4" 6mm reinforced fuel hose 12 inch - fh22244 £2.20

1/4" clear pvc fuel pipe 1m length - fh11487 £0.66

3.5mm i/d x 5mm o/d fuel pipe - fh5305021 £1.20

3.5mm i/d x 6.5mm o/d fuel pipe - fh5305022 £1.20

3/16" clear pvc fuel pipe 1m length - fh11479 £0.78

Alloy filter funnel 3 inch diameter - ff50277 £13.15

Filter funnel - plastic 95mm (FF8300987) £3.80

Fuel Mixing Bottle - ff52248 £3.49

Fuel pipe clip to fit 3/16" pvc pipe - hc13218 £0.39

Fuel tap for 1/4 inch fuel pipe - un52020 £3.83

Fuel tap for 3/16 pipe - sf11991 £3.67

Fuel tap, inline - bs698183 £5.21