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Briggs & Stratton Spares

Spare parts for Briggs and Stratton engines as fitted to many lawnmowers and garden machinery, including air filters, gaskets, primers, fuel filters, ignition coils / magnetos, oil filters, diaphragms, recoil springs, flywheel keys and many other parts.

Many of the parts we stock are genuine Briggs and Stratton Parts, others are quality replacements and are identified as replacements on the description.

Where available we quote Briggs and Stratton oem (part) numbers to help with accurate part identification.

5hp ignition coil - bs397358 £32.56

Air Filter - bs15160 £8.45

Air Filter - bs491021 £16.20

Air Filter Foam 27987S - bs4102132 £4.10

Air filter 11.75 x 11.75cm - bs399877 £5.70

Air filter 16 x 11.25cm - BS15300 £5.40

Air filter Element 691667 - bs15175 £18.26

Air filter cartridge - bs390492 £11.35

Air filter cartridge - bs697029 £7.95

Air filter element 13 x 11.2cm - BS12745 £5.30

Air filter element, round - bs392308s £9.15

Air filter foam - bs272235 £3.40