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Horseshoe Items

A unique range of items made from genuine used horseshoes, all of the shoes we use to make our items from have been fitted to a horses hooves, when we get them they have stones and debris in the groove and nails still stuck in the holes.

We remove the nails and debris by heating in the forge to loosen everything and then cut the nails short and punch them out, wire brushing to finish the cleaning.

Blue Horseshoe Tool Hook - IWHSTRBL £5.04

Blue Horseshoe wall flower - iwhsflbl £33.00

Blue ribbon, linked horseshoe Hearts, blue bow - IWHSLHBR £13.40

Boot Jack made from horseshoes - IWHSBP02 £13.80

Boot Puller / Boot Jack - iwhsbp01 £11.98

Boot cleaner / scraper Mk3 - IWHSBC3 £19.99

Boot scraper / cleaner mk2 - IWHSBC2 £22.79

Broom rack - iwhsbr £7.80

Brushes, boot cleaner replacement (pair) - iwhsbcbr02 £5.99

Business Card Rack - iwbcs £7.80

Coat Rack 'COATS' - IWHSCOATS £32.00

Coat rack - Welcome - IWHSCRW £41.00