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My own saws affected by Ethanol in petrol!

7th October 2017

So with autumn well and truly here and our wood shed repaired and a new roof fitted. Christmas trees (we retail these on a pyo basic) all measured and price tagged I finally got round to checking my saws over ready to begin cutting up the several tons of willow we harvested from our pollarded willows last year and stacked up in lengths out in the field.

So carried out a check over the saws, sharpening, cleaning air filters and clearing cooling grilles, generally blowing out sawdust, checking sparkplug/s and putting the bar and chain back on. All was fine until I tipped out the fuel with a view to filtering it back to remove any debris that had found its way in the tank, which was when i discovered my fuel had deteriorated, it refused to flow through the filter!

A quick examination of the filter and pick up hose revealed no damage or softening so looks like I caught it just in time. The surprising thing was these two saws had done a lot of work with new fresh fuel earlier in the year after storm Doris when half an ash tree came down at the bottom of our field and had to be cut up, a quick search on google informed me this was at the end of February 2017, so approx 7 months and the fuel was about to start attacking my saw!

I am going to have to make a point of using an additive in all my petrol used in all my machines from now on, because it proves you can never predict when the last time you use a machine before an extended period of storage is going to be.

Don't think you can avoid damage by using or draining all the fuel out, this will only lead to brittle or shrunken diaphragms and corrosion, white dusty deposits on alluminium and rust on steel components, there really is only one way to prevent damage!